Project Description

Caroline House, Lancaster Gate


Project: Vertical extension for formation of luxury penthouse suite, reception upgrading works with the replacement of 4 lifts and external works.
Client: Northumberland and Durham Property Trust
Value: £4.1M

The nature of the Caroline House project was to carry out the upgrading and refurbishment of the existing reception areas, the upgrading of the lobbies and corridors at ground floor level as well as the design, construction and fitting out of a seventh floor luxury penthouse and the refurbishment of an existing apartment directly below the proposed new structure.

Forcia was challenged with carrying out all the works in an organised and controlled manner around the existing tenants who were still occupying the building during the project.

The works also involved the removal of the existing four lifts and the installation of four new motorless lift cars with associated structural works to the retained lift shafts.

The area of works under the responsibility of Forcia was the existing roof area and part of the ground floor parking and garage area. The roof area was accessed internally by means of the existing lifts and externally by means of a goods and passenger hoist. The site welfare was positioned in the existing apartment at sixth floor level and utilised the escape staircase leading up to roof level.

Forcia was tasked with working around the existing Caroline House tenants. Works had to be carried out to all apartments to facilitate the upgrading of the services. All works were carried out in an organised and controlled manner and tenants were given a good deal of notice before they were due to be carried out.

Internally the penthouse had an extremely high quality of finish. Floors and walls were finished with book matched marble tiles and slabs and a fully bespoke joinery package was used throughout the property. A bespoke, ultra-modern audio visual and lighting control system and under floor heating was installed throughout.

The majority of the penthouse was surrounded in a sky frame curtain walling system with an area of the walls constructed with a metsec framed wall system. A green roof ensured that the project was visually attractive and in-keeping with the aesthetics of the area.